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Theme Parks

  • Cablecar in Benalmadena

    The Benalmádena Cable Car offers a spectacular journey of fifteen minutes in comfortable and modern cabins, for four people each, in a journey that unites Benalmadena Costa and the summit of Mount Calamorro, one of the highest enclaves of Costa del Sol, about 800 meters above sea level, where in addition to a unique landscape you can enjoy a range of activities for visitors of all ages.
    On Top of Mount Calamorro, plus unparalleled views of the Costa del Sol, Sierra Nevada and on clear days, Gibraltar and the African Coast. "Almost" from the sky, you can enjoy exhibitions of birds of prey, with hawks, eagles, owls, vultures ... and the possibility of adventure sports as well marked hiking trails that lead to different viewpoints.

  • Cocodrile Park

    40 minutes from Malaga Manilva direction, we find Crocodile Park, In Crocodile Park you will find yourself with prehistoric monsters.Creatures that miraculously survived 200 million years of evolution,carnivores which knew the dinosaurs and they use the same cold andruthless hunting techniques.
    With less than two feet away, you can observe giant crocodiles of different species of the world into his hand, silently observing the secrets of one of the most fascinating creatures on earth.
    Address: C / Cuba 14 29620 Torremolinos (Malaga)
    Phone: 952 051 782

  • Selwo Marina

    40 minutes from Manilva we find Selwo the marine park. SELWO Marina is a unique entertainment that complements his brother SELWO ADVENTURE. The main theme of SELWO Marina is South America, which recreate the landscapes and the marine fauna of the continent. The exhibition brings together a dolphin, an area of seals and sea lions, a penguin, even exotic birds, and an area of virtual reality and an interactive section called "Touch and Explore. " His latest innovation is the attractive island of ice, which has expanded the collection of new and curious penguin species.
    O A7 Benalmádena-Arroyo de la Miel. On Avenida Antonio Machado (former N340)

  • Senda el Retiro

    Senda El Retiro. 60 minutes from Manilva we find this interesting park. Senda El Retiro is primarily a botanical garden, birds and much more. It currently shelters over 6,000 animals of nearly 400 different species. It´s the perfect combination of entertainment, beauty and peace, flora, water and exotic wildlife in a unique environment.
    Meet a piece from every corner of this world.
    In the heart of the Costa del Sol, 5 minutes from the airport and 35 minutes from Marbella, visitors can enjoy a unique environment of one of the most significant collections of birds of the world amidst lush vegetation. Admire a freshwater aquarium next to the reptiles, bats know as monkeys, armadillos, meerkats antelopes or giraffes incredible.
    In Senda recreated with incredible accuracy and subtropical rainforests. More than 30,000 palm trees, water lilies, papyrus, bamboo, an extraordinary collection of Erythrina or cypress with 500 years of life.
    In the Picnic area you can take food and find gift shop at the outlet. It has an area for events, private events and incentives, these are two separate spaces with capacity for 500 people.
    A barrier-free travel to experience nature live. Path the way of nature.
    Open every day of the year from 10 in the morning.
    Address: Ctra Coin Km 88 29140 Churriana (Málaga)
    Phone: 952 623 540

  • Selwo Aventura

    20 minutes from Manilva, we can spend a day visiting entertaining Selwo facilities. Selwo is the only Adventure Theme Park, Animals and Nature in Europe that offers the visitor a world of excitement, magic, illusion and surprise.Placed in the heart of the Costa del Sol, Selwo covers an area of 100 hectares, that breed in different ecosystems where they live in semi-free more than 2,000 animals of 200 species, belonging to the five continents.
    Animals can live in an environment similar than the one they belong to.
    Visitors who come to spend a day in Selwo can combine the enjoyment of nature with the thrill of African safari, living a magical adventure through the latest activities and continuous surprises throughout the journey.
    The fascinating journey through the Wild Territory Selwo has to be by foot and all-terrain trucks, perfectly conditioned, through the established routes and at any time without interrupting the daily life of the species that inhabit this park unique in Europe.
    Costa del Sol highway, Km 162. 5
    Estepona (Málaga)
    Telephone: 902 19 04 82
    For more information visit the website of the Park

  • Water Park Mijas

    Water Park Mijas: if you want to spend a fun day with family or friends do not hesitate to visit this park just 50 minutes from Manilva.
    Mijas Water Park offers all the water rides (kamikaze, wave pool, a labyrinth of water slides, soft and Aqualandia tracks for children, adventure river ...) and a splendid space for picnics and family recreation beach volleyball court, mini golf, game rooms...
    Address: Ctra Nacional 340 Km 209
    Phone: 952 460 404
    Fax: 952 469 442

  • Sea-Life

    Sea-Life is the first interactive aquarium in Andalucia and reveals the most curious mysteries of the deep sea. A penetrable smell of the sea and the whisper of the waves indicate that the fascinating journey into the world of the ocean is beginning.
    Get the undersea route surrounded by 500,000 gallons of water and about 30,000 amazing marine species, some of the area and others brought from exotic countries including stingrays, sea horses, the amazing sharks ..... .
    Location: Benalmadena Marina.
    Summer hours: 10:00 - 00:00.
    Winter hours: 10:00 - 18:00
    Phone: 952 560 150
    Fax: 952 446 784

  • Aqualand Torremolinos

    A place to spend a day of fun and entertainment with the best water rides imaginable for the whole family. Address: C / Cuba n º 10 29629Torremolinos (Malaga)
    Aqualand Torremolinos is the only place in the Costa del Sol where you can find water ride that is sweeping the world. BOOMERANG is adizzying round trip on a super-slippery surface on board a float, to be shared with anyone. If you taste it you willl want to repeat.
    Enjoy this summer!
    The strength of slip from one of the highest water slides in Europe is difficult to describe. Imagine the most daring free fall and the entry into the water faster all of a sudden. All this and much more is Kamikaze,the classic and exciting attraction at Aqualand Torremolinos. One of those experiences that you will never forget, because you never have felt so alive.
    Phone: 952 388 888
    Fax: 952 370 199

  • Fuengirola Zoo

    45 minutes from Manilva we find the Fuengirola Zoo.

    In December 1998, Rain Forest won the concession of the old park, performing a radical transformation and creating the first zoo fully designed under the pioneering concept of "zoo-immersion.
    Taking advantage of the enviable climate of the Costa del Sol and taking into account the small size of available land, we chose a unique ecosystem: tropical forests. Subtropical vegetation growing in the Malaga coast served to recreate the tropical rain forests of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. A team of architects, builders, sculptors, painters and gardeners were put to work to bring to reality the visionary designs.
    It took  two years to  transform completely the face of the zoo. Billboards and buildings are gone, now there are rivers and waterfalls, caves, valleys and rocks. The small size of the field was a challenge. Stables were built underground, deep canyons and sky gardens in order to avoid the view of adjacent buildings. So the zoo grew vertically and managed to create the impression of being in a larger environment.
    Subject areas: Tropical forests, equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia.

    Address: C / Camilo Jose Cela 6-8 29640 Fuengirola (Málaga)
    Phone: 952 666 301
    Fax: 952 586 892

  • Lobo Park

    An hour and a half from Manilva we find this unique park. This unique wolf theme park located in the heart of Andalusia, has emerged as a private venture in 2002.
    This nature reserve is the home of four subspecies of wolf: Timber, European, Iberian and low Polar wolf, every herd living in their own enclosure.
    The main intention of the owners is that both wolves and other animals, live in an environment that was built to protect the existing wildlife and to ensure that their lifestyle is as natural as possible. Large enclosures in which they live provides plenty of room to roam and play.
    Guided tours show visitors the different wolves and allow you to learn more about how they communicate, play, hunt and eat. The tour features balconies, from which visitors can enjoy an intimate observation and close contact with animals.
    This wonderful park offers fun and excitement for the whole family, stimulating educational programs as well as a quiet place to enjoy nature.
    There is always something new to discover on every visit to Wolf Park!
    Address: Ctra Antequera-Alora (A-343), km. 16. - 29200 Antequera
    Phone: 952031107 - 666 20 73 77

  • Tivoli word

    Tivoli word, 45 minutes from Manilva we found this park;
    Amusement Park and Entertainment on the Costa del Sol
    There are many reasons to visit Tivoli World. It´s an experience enjoying a fantastic day in a unique place in the Costa del Sol. A world of excitement to share with family ...
    Enjoy the exciting new attractions, the variety of shows in different places and taste the many options to satisfy your appetite between bars and theme restaurants, while enjoying the magnificent atmosphere of packages.
    Address: Av / Tivoli S / N 29631 Benamádena (Málaga)
    Phone: 952 57 70 16
    Fax: 952 44 50 45


    AQUALAND BAHÍA is a world of water, sun and fun where you can spend unforgettable hours with family and friends, while enjoying the best climate in Europe. The park is located in a privileged place in El Puerto de Santa Maria, with an unbeatable view of the Bay of Cadiz.
    In Aqualand Bahía de Cádiz we are celebrating. We met 20 years of splashing, emotions and especially fun for the whole family. And we share it with you offering great promotions.
    Stay tuned and do not miss them! In our 20 anniversary AqualandBahía de Cádiz, you always win.
    The only attraction that allows you to challenge your friends in an exciting sprint. Jump in without hesitation by any of its six soft freewaysand enjoy freedom of movement that will surprise you. 100 metersunforgettable journey to dispute an honor, of being the fastest.
    Address: Ctra Port Jerez, (former N-IV) output 646
    11500 El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz)
    Tel.: 902 11 49 95
    Fax: 956 87 42 54


  • Gastronomy

    The cuisine of this land is based on the Mediterranean diet. Mediterranean people managed to combine foods for centuries in an intelligent way, resulting a balanced, nutritious and tasty dishes.
    Restaurants and bars in town are a meeting place where you can taste a variety of cuisine from Manilva, prepared with the greatest tradition and the highest quality ingredients.
    Daily land and sea offer the best they have for the tasty dishes of Malaga cuisine, where you can find excellent traditional dishes made with local products. Tomato soup (with brown bread, tomato, onion, pepper, garlic and sardines), asparagus, clams, and soup with mayonnaise.
    Other typical dishes from Manilva cookery are: gazpacho "Maja" with olive oil, bitter orange, bread and salt, cabbage, cooked cabbage base, beans and pork, thistles and chickpea stew, meat marinade , marinated with various spices and vinegar.
    Special mention for some traditional salads as the pipirrana, salad with tomato, onion, pepper and cucumber, dressed with olive oil, salt and vinegar and you can add octopus and dried cod, and fried ripe tomato gazpacho, cucumber, garlic, onion, pepper, bread crumbs, olive oil, salt and vinegar.
    But what the base of the gastronomy of the municipality is fish and seafood ,for its freshness and natural flavor ,whether they are prepared in a simple grilled or baked ,as if cooked in savory dishes .
    Uvas de ManilvaThere are numerous restaurants and bars offering a rich and varied supply of fish to be combined with a local wine. "The potato stew" with line, spaghetti with clams, cuttlefish and chickpea stew, fish soup, rice with fish; emblanco fresh fish, cod omelette, pickled anchovies and vinegar, but the most traditional way of eating is fried and here we highlight the famous Malaga fry "without forgetting the moraga (act of sardines grilling outdoors, usually at sea, into the wind on skewers, threaded with a special art.)
    Moreover, Manilva wines can accompany the dishes very well, giving a very special flavor of Muscat grapes, a delight to the palate.
    The desserts will be the climax to sweeten their food. Pinch cake, fried cakes, French toast, the piñonates, and the traditional muscat grapes, which can be enjoyed also in brandy and raisins.
    The tapas is also a good way to open to Manilva cookery and taste the culinary arts with small portions of the myriad of tapas on offer.


  • Carnival (February)

    It is celebrated along three days inFebruary. The costume and music chair the jokes and fun of singing troupes"letrillas curious"about the most outstanding public events. Different parades travel the three main streets of the municipality, accompanied by floats, throwing confetti and streamers that make life fun times for children.
    After the parade starts different costume contests where fun is guaranteed rewarding originality, friendliness and development of various costumes that are presented. 

  • Semana Santa (March-April)

    Celebration held in April or May, which commemorates the life, Passion and Death of Jesucristo.Cofradías and sororities organize processions, every day, and walk through the streets of our town. The program begins on Good Friday with Mass which takes place after the Proclamation. Palm Sunday is a traditional blessing of the Palms and out into the streets of the procession of the Manilva Borriquita.
    For Ash Wednesday is performed CROSS beginning in the church and crossing the street headquarters and Calvary Road. Holy Thursday procession the image of Jesus of Nazareth.
    The Good Friday procession the Holy Burial and Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores, and a little later in the Silence procession of La Soledad in the streets of Manilva while in San Luis de Sabinillas procession is the Christ of love and Ntra Lady of Sorrows.
    PICT0156.gifOn Easter Sunday, Procesión del Santísimo Cristo Resucitado y la Stma Virgen del Rosario PICT0160.gifA.M.D.G.

  • Noche de San Juan (23-24 June)

    From 23 to 24 June. Night magic and enchantment. Most anticipated event which coincides with the summer solstice. The traditional burning of "juas" on the beaches of Sabinillas, illuminates the shortest night of the year. At twelve o'clock there are many people that use it for purification, washing feet and face in the water of the sea, while calling three wishes, the most daring leap over the fire, others thrown into the fire written requests on paper or the bad things they want to finish. Night to scare away evil spirits and helps love appears.
    This tradition is one that attracts more visitors to our town because of the great fireworks display accompanied by music to the sound of the fireworks that takes place after the burning of that year after year ninots prepared with a different theme on the beach in Sabinillas .

  • Romeria (June 27)

    The Pilgrimage of Manilva has a tradition of more than thirty-five years (do not know exactly from which year is being held). It has been held in different places of the municipality as: The Colony, tropical garden in the area of the quarry "Utrera", or at the farm known as the "tiznao" today, which for 17 years is held in the chapel "St. Adolf" in the bathrooms of the Stinking. This shrine, along with the surrounding land, was one particular named D. Ricardo Welin, that when he died, gave this land to the Parish SANTA ANA Manilva.
    Since then cleaned up and maintenance of these lands is carried out by the municipality of Manilva, at the request of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows and Ntro. Padre Jesus Nazareno de Manilva.
    Romeria ManilvaThe Pilgrimage of Manilva is held the third weekend of May in honor of Our Lady of Fatima. Begins Saturday afternoon with the transfer of the Virgin, from the parish of Santa Ana, San Adolfo to the chapel at the Baths of Hedionda. It runs along most of the streets of the village accompanied by the sound of the drummer, (specifically brought from Seville for the pilgrimage) and followed by lots of people that accompany walk to the chapel.
    The transfer of the Virgin is usually done at times in ox cart or a wagon decorated and pulled by a tractor. Once at the Baths is left in the chapel and pray the rosary and a hymn to the Virgin. Many people especially the young campers over the weekend near the shrine. Mounted a bar with tapas and brought a band that entertains on Saturday, until late in the morning, and Sunday from noon until the evening.
    On Sunday at 12pm. am Mass is celebrated romera in honor of the Virgin of Fatima, sung by the choir Santa Ana, now belonging to the municipal school of music in Manilva. At Mass large numbers of people involved and not just the municipality. After the mass, the person will remain on campus for lunch (on tables that are on the premises either bring them) and have a nice day, happy and peaceful. Each year, the pilgrimage has the largest number of people coming to celebrate with all Manilva

  • Nª Señora del Carmen (16 July)

    On July 26th we find in the calendar the patron saint of fishermen, deep-rooted party in the seaside neighborhood of Castillo de la Duquesa San Luis de Sabinillas. At dusk, the images after the mass procession go fishing from the beach, are shipped in and out to sea guarded by fishing boats, pleasure craft as well as in authentic seafaring pilgrimage full of magic.
    Flowers and sounds of boat horns mingle with the cries of "beautiful" to "Queen of the Seas. "

  • Santa Ana (July 26)

    On July 26th the festival is celebrated in Manilva employer to honor its patron saint Santa Ana's neighbors in her village with tourists enjoy the parades of floats, music, dance and musical performances until dawn.

  • Grande Fair (2nd week in August)

    During August, our Fair Grande that begins with a parade of floats and parades where the confetti come to prominence through the streets of the town. Later, the party moves to a modern campus where children enjoy the rides and a glass of wine all together for a while with friendsat the various booths.
    AtraccionesThe first act is the traditional lighting of the fairgrounds where the municipal authorities come to inaugurate the festival and to appoint the Ladies and Queens of the parties where girls and women look prettier. Manilva finery filled with joy and enthusiasm .
    Big and huge concerts are those that surround this event where singers devoted to the music act, as Los del Rio, Ricky Martin, Luz Casal, Manu Tenorio, David Civera, Carlos Baute, Canned Heat, The Rapture ...

  • Tourist Day (August 15)

    On August 15th the national holiday is celebrated on the promenade of Sabinillas , where a set of activities aimed and entretain the entire audience with performances by several bands. The objective of this activity is more enjoyable to visit and tourists have also a gesture of kindness to them, illustrating the openness of Manilva to visitors who come to the town.
    Some years are made sardines on the beaches of Sabinillas for tourists to taste the fish traditionally done in the area.

  • Verbena de San Luis (25 August)

    On August 25, in honor of its patron saint San Luis, the Barrio de Sabinillas held every year festivities. The sea becomes a special and magnificent scenery in this local celebration. Sports contests, music and dancing for joy invade the village during these days of storage.The procession of Saint Luis walks around the coastal end accompanied by the municipal band music.

  • La vendimia / The Havest (1 September)

    he harvest festival known for its uniqueness in the Costa del Sol's first weekend of September, is the feast in the town of Manilva, coinciding with the end of the grape harvest. As we know, Manilva anchor their cultural roots in the Vine, the wine culture and tradition of her vintage. As summer ends and autumn is present in the evenings, it's time to cut the ripe grapes, step on it and get the miracle of turning the fruit in wine not only makes life merry, but lengthens and enriches.
    This joyous festival, fun, live where Manilva offers the first and most precious clusters to the Virgin of Sorrows out in solemn procession crossing the village and later start with the traditional treading of the grapes which runs the first thistle and the joy. It is not eworthy that the Fair Day in 1983 joined the Harvest Festival. The characteristic of this event is the pressing of grapes for wine grape extract the first year, which is then offered to visitors and friends for tasting.


  • Shopping in Manilva

    Manilva has a wide variety of shops and services perfectly suited to fill the needs of everyday life. It has an abundant number of banks concentrated in 300-meter radius, undisputed symbol of good economic boom enjoyed by the term. The hotel is right on the seafront where you can enjoy the gastronomy of the place in various bars and restaurants. Manilva supermarkets and hypermarkets are widely recognized as Mercadona, Supersol, Eroski, Lidl and Dia.
    One of the attractions of the area is its renowned antique market that is installed on Sunday at the fairgrounds and attracts thousands of curiousvisitors looking for furniture, crafts, decorating, etc.. and a minority dedicated to the professional market, textile, footwear, fruits and vegetables, jewelry.
    On Friday Sabinillas promenade and the vineyards in Manilva we can go to the slaughterhouse, with traditional stalls selling fruit, vegetables and clothing.

  • Shopping Center La Cañada

    One of the attractions of Marbella and the Costa del Sol East, recently opened to the public, is the heart of La Cañada, closed Sundays except for special days such as long week-end and holidays. With the budget in hand, you can spend a whole day at this mall on the Costa del Sol which is very similar to U.S.
    The dining area has about 10 restaurants. Stores include what exactly might be interesing for Marbella residents and visitors: the most famous clothing brands in the world or high-decorating shops.
    Multiple blockbusters are also a good choice to end the day.A particularly important advantage is that La Cañada has one of the few stores of FNAC in Spain. The store itself offers weekly events in its exhibition space, and has therefore been added to the list of main galleries and concert venues in Marbella.
    OJÉN ROAD, S / N, Marbella - Tel: 952 860 142

  • Carrefour Los Barrios

    Hypermarkets with an average area of 7,000 m2, offering a wide range of grocery products, fresh produced, household goods, textiles and appliances, all under one roof. With over 120 centers in Spain, two in three Group employees working in a supermarket.
    In a Carrefour hypermarket customers, in addition to buying, you can find and use other services such as Group Insurance, Travel, Financial Services, etc. And for your car, the best maintenance in FeuVert and best price on fuel at service stations Carrefour group.
    N-340, km 112.9
    11370 Barrios, The (Cádiz)
    Phone: 956 62 90 00
    A few meters you'll Guadalcorte Factory, McDonald's, Leroy Merlin andmany more stores.

  • Plaza Mayor

    We have a recreation center where we can have a drink, bowling, shopping and eating in one of his restaurants. Already there is a place to enjoy, completed with everything in one place. Log in Plaza Mayor and enjoy the most comprehensive range of entertainment you can´t find anywhere else.Nothing alike.
    Plaza Mayor is located on the coast near Malaga, the second largest city of Andalusia and near major tourist destinations on the Costa del Sol - Torremolinos and Marbella. Just 2 km from the airport and clearly visible from main roads, Plaza Mayor will also benefit from new roads and the nearby train station.
    Plaza Mayor meets a wide range of dining, family entertainment, live entertainment and shops with the typical Spanish Plaza as a basis. A day in Plaza Mayor is a unique experience. Visitors to Plaza Mayor will have special evening under the open sky and a unique opportunity to enjoy the exciting Spanish night.
    Plaza Mayor is the place where friends can meet for an amazing night, enjoying the extensive hours of bowling, cinemas, bars and outdoor terraces and shows and animations are held consistently throughout the year.
    In Plaza Mayor also take care of this aspect. An expert team of security guards, backed by the latest technology, ensure their safety.
    Plaza Mayor is governed by the principles of quality present in the Environmental Management System Sonae Sierra *. This has the objective of regulating the environmental practices in areas such as energy saving, transportation, water treatment, pollution, resource use, selection and use of materials, ecology and health.
    Address: Alfonso Ponce de León, 3, 29004 Málaga
    Phone: 952 24 75 80
    Fax: 952 24 75 82

  • Factory Guadacorte

    Guadacorte Factory is a mall with top brands (Zara, Mango, Pull andBear, Springfield, Coronel Tapioca, etc ...) at reduced prices. Do not miss the opportunity to just look around and find genuine bargains.
    Palmones Ind., ctra. N-340, s / n
    11370 Barrios, The (Cádiz)
    Phone: 956 86 September 1974

Golf Courses

  • Golf La Duquesa

    With its 18 holes of entertaining street you will enjoy a golf reserved forlovers of the sun and Mediterranean breezes. Dramatic departures froma simple look that can be seen from the African continent to nearbyMarbella.
    Just put in the hole 17 will be difficult to realize that can equalize easilyand so perfectly conjugated nature and design of a golf course, the first thing we did not, and for the latter we have Robert Trent Jonesharmonized it flawlessly.

  • La reserva de Sotogrande

    Field located in the urbanization of Sotogrande. La Reserva de Sotogrande is a field that offers many possibilities as it has some streets and some very large greens in which the player can practice. Elcampo has 72 hectares and is bordering the sea. It was designed by Cabell B. Robinson. Club House located on a plot of 6,000 m2, meets all the conditions to be the meeting point and leisure of all its members.

  • La Cañada Golf

    It is located in the exclusive resort of Sotogrande. With the tag of being the first municipal golf course in Andalucia, Club de Golf La Cañada has evolved gradually to become present in a field of 18 holes with prizes as the best club. It was created in 1981. The first 9 designed by David Thomas and the second 9 by Robert Trent Jones Senior. It mts journey. long streets are characterized by not very long, fast greens, large trees and beautiful views of the Mediterranean.

  • Valle Romano Golf

    An exceptional 18-hole course, built to the highest quality standards of the United States Golf Association of America, with turf Tifsport "certified by the University of Georgia, and an irrigation system with the latest technology. An 18 hole course is sports, nature and landscape. It's style, tranquility and quality of life. It is a golf course to enjoy both amateurs and experts.
    One of them, Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano, golf professional with international projection which is sponsored by Valle Romano. This field is prepared to enter the European Tour, with streets designed to accommodate players of all levels and large-scale greens. Cabell B. Robinson has designed a course that is situated in the least sharp of the estate, which goes from position 1 16 to 50.
    One objective of this field is that he can enjoy all kinds of players, from the lowest handicaps to the highest. This has been built an average of 5 platforms tees per hole and a large green (average of 500 m2, although even reach the 1,000 m2). The greens, with falls very long and soft but with a lot of pin positions, making each hole of the field can be easy or extremely difficult.
    The fact that it is a field for all players, together with an excellent level of maintenance, excellent facilities, a favorable geographical location (from all the holes you can see the sea) and a high degree of commitment from all staff as part of the project is that this area meets all the requirements for any type of competition.

  • Casares Costa Golf

    In a corner of Malaga, Casares, there is a hole saw big bets. It is a par 5of 472 meters from the yellow, narrow, with water and out of bounds. Is the star of this 9-hole course. The aim of this course is to entertain, and succeeds. Its 9 holes are on flat ground, collected in a valley with avaried and spectacular design.
    In 2008 we opened and we now have over 250 members, the desire ofthese and all the staff at the Golf Club, is to turn this wonderful countryin one of the 9-hole courses relating to Spain.

  • Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort

    In Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort can enjoy two spectacular golf courses: Links and Heathland. 36 holes with spectacular sea views to Gibraltarand Africa. Flanked by two natural parks make the location even morespectacular.
    This together with the nearly two miles of beach parallel to the field andextraordinary blue sea always create a unique visual spectacle on the Costa del Sol
    In the Alcaidesa golf complex will find the only links type golf course in Southern Europe, a magnificent driving range of 72 posts, half of themcovered and a large driving range with putting green, bunkers and short game area . In addition you can also benefit from the Golf Academywhere they prepare future golfers and pro-shop of over 200 m2.
    His newly released clubhouse whose architecture perfectly combinesmodernity with a traditional Andalusian style, is situated between two golf courses, the highest point of the resort, offering all kinds of services:restaurant, terrace overlooking the field course and the sea, parking,central patio and Andalusian-style multi-purpose hall where you can doall kinds of events in the 3,000 square m2 available.
    Feel the sea .... Feel Golf .... FEEL ALCAIDESA

  • Real Club de Golf de Sotogrande

    Sotogrande Golf Club, founded in 1964, is nestled in a natural environment perfect for this sport throughout the year. Its designer, Robert Trent Jones, designed a course which is especially proud. Not surprisingly, anyone who has played there feel that has been measured with a special field. The course is beautiful, endowed with a variety of vegetation is achieved.
    Old oaks, palms, pines and eucalyptus notes and hinder the streets, while offering the player a magnificent landscape with the sea as beautiful backdrop. It is a field without rough where water hazards play a major role. His good condition and well deserved reputation has earned him the deserved reputation as one of the best golf courses in the country.

  • Club de golf Valderrama

    Valderrama Golf Club, home of the Ryder Cup in 1997, is one of the most valuable pieces of golf Andalusia. Not surprisingly, journalists have elected three times the best course in Europe. Its president, JaimeOrtiz Patiño, is 'guilty' of Valderrama is so highly regarded. The Volvo Masters, final round of European Tour since 1988, makes the club Cadiz in focus across Europe, has served as a stimulus to Ortiz Patiño to undertake many improvements in the already care field.
    His tour is spoiled to detail. The streets are drawn with mathematical precision, framing the almost hundred bunkers and elevated greens.Original design by Robert Trent Jones, Valderrama also bears thestamp of Seve, who has reformed the hole 17.

  • Almenara Golf

    It is surrounded by a large pines and oaks and two lakes that have beenskillfully integrated as part of the field by Mr. Thomas. Impressive standoverlooking the Mediterranean and the mountains surrounding the entire complex.
    His twenty-seven holes, let you enjoy up to three different courses with 18 holes, par 72 all of them, so that each item is a new challenge for theplayer.

  • Estepona Golf

    Estepona Golf is a 'pay and play ' which offers a magnificent natural scenery and a journey not without difficulties to enjoy playing golf. However, wide and the greens are large, so the secret is probably not too ambitious. The design fits the natural environment with the Sierra Bermeja background, seeing the sea from most of the holes. Each represents a new challenge, which is as it should be in any field.

  • Doña Julia

    The course is a par-71 (provisional), 18 - hole course of 5,976 meterslong and constructed in accordance with the laws of the United StatesGolf Association (USGA) in terms of tees, bunkers, drainage andgreens.
    It was designed by renowned Malaga architect, Antonio García Garrido,responsible for some of the best golf courses in Spain. The most outstanding feature of this field is the size of the greens. Presents twovery different paths, being suitable for all types of player.

  • Finca Cortesín

    Opened in 2008, the resort Villa Cortesin of 5 stars, is situated next toone of the biggest and best golf courses in Spain, which will host thechampionship Volvo World Match Play Championship. The hotel's golf course, 18 holes, was designed by renowned course designer CabellRobinson. The hotel also feature the Jack Nicklaus golf academy.



    Information and tickets phone: 902 33 32 31
    Price: 6.00 € (Weekdays), 6.00 € (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), € 4.90 (Reduced)


    It has 20 screens with a total capacity of 4897 seats. The company Cineplex Helm was born in early June 1998, following the agreement reached between Helm and Loews Cineplex Entertainment Films to form a joint venture in order to develop, build and operate a complex cinematic display, located in key locations in Spain, and incorporate the latest technology and the highest level of quality and comfort possible. The new society in which both partners have each own 50% of the shares,is one of the leading circuits in our country.
    Address: Alfonso Ponce de León, 3, 29004 Málaga
    Phone: 902 902 103
    Ticket sales by phone: 902 22 September 1922
    Fax: 95 123 1993
    Get tickets via Web:


    20 minutes away from Manilva you can enjoy 18 screens installed in a shopping and entertainment center with free parking. Open from 10 am to 3 am.
    Address: Ctra N340 retail park wetlands. Los Barrios (Cádiz)
    Phone: 956 676 205
    Information and ticket booking:


  • Monuments

    Visitors to our town and its surroundings can benefit from multiple opportunities for cultural enrichment and entertainment. Not surprisingly, over the centuries and with the movement of people, a culturally rich heritage has been brought to the area, including the cultural heritage of Manilva where two archeological sites stand both declared as a site of cultural interest: The Castles of Alcorrín and the vicinity of La Duquesa Castle. The Castles of Alcorrín are a walled fortress from the ninth century BC, in which elements of the modern day world coincide with a clear similarity to Phoenician style building techniques. The Roman site of La Duquesa Castle has a chronology that dates from the first century A.D. until the fifth century A.D. The historical monument consists of Necropolis, Villa, Spa and a fish salting factory. This enclave emerged as a result of the food preservation industry that revolved around fishing for tuna in traps.


    Located in the so-called Church Square, the current building of the parish church of Santa Ana, was built on a smaller one at the end of the sixteenth century. For the construction of the new church contributed the bishop, the villagers and the Duke of Arcos, lord of the town. Master Felipe Pérez 1776 started the work, that would last until 1783, the year they came to an end.

  • Castillo de la Duquesa

    It occupies the site where once there was a Roman villa, part of which was recycled material for construction, emerging in its shadow the neighbourhood of that name. In 1767 Don Francisco Paulino,inhabitant of Seville, built it at his expense, so the king granted putting him in charge of a cavalry company. The buildong design and construction management was entrusted to engineer Don Miguel del Castillo.

  • Torre de Chullera

    In Chullera there are two beacon towers, a stump and an older cross base, the latter being the original tower Nazari times. In 1497, the Instructions for the coast guard for the Kings Catñolicos given to cities, towns and villages of the diocese of Malaga, and it was called Tower Chullera.

  • Torre de la Sal

    Located on a promontory on the coast between the Rio Manilva Casares and Camarate Arroyo, is the Torre de la Sal or Torre del Salto de la Mora, as it is known.
    It´s a two-storey building, and also has the peculiarity of a square, that makes the difference with other towers that we find along the coast. And, unlike them, the Torre de la Sal is not a watchtower itself.

  • El Ingenio Chico

    Ingenio Chico is one of the two sugar mills built by the Duke of Arcos on these lands. The aqueduct preserved the union with the rest of the building in mud, reminding us of the medieval buildings and making us think of the workforce of Moorish tradition.

  • Villa Matilde

    House owned by Don Ignacio Infante, brother of the father of our country Andaluza, Blas Infante. Recently renovated it has an exposition of Roman remains found in Manilva.

  • Church of San Luis

    From 1776 is the present Church of Santa Ana, the result of series of transformations of the original church, and built in the mid-sixteenth century. It has two central aisles and a transept.

  • Municipal Archaelogical Museum

    Located in El Castillo de la Duquesa. The exhibits come entirely from Roman archaeological site "Environment del Castillo de la Duquesa" that presents a timeline that spans from the late first century AD until the beginning of fifth A.D. It displays a collection of common ceramics Roman funerary equipment, personal ornaments. The exhibition also includes hooks, utensils of everyday life, currencies. Located on the monument of El Castillo de la Duquesa, you can take a look at the history of Manilva.


There are no specials

Heather Marsh

This was our second stay at this fantastic little hotel. It is right on the beach with direct access. It’s in the middle of the town with all amenities on the doorstep. All the staff are lovely and helpful, the rooms are spacious and modern. We stayed in room 111 which had a small sitting room as well. Can highly recommend this hotel, really good value for the money.


julie davis

We needed to pop over to finalise a property deal and needed to be close to the banks and amenities. I found this hotel online and it was in the correct location so booked it unseen. It was only one night. It didn’t matter too much. What a lovely surprise. A lovely hotel on the beach, a room which felt like I was lying by the sea. Clean modern and sleek. Very friendly staff. We will certainly be back for a proper break very soon. Huge thank you. Loved it. Plus good value for money.

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